Online Payment Options

We've had a lot of clients requesting a cash-less or check-less payment option for Bay 1 Studios, so this is our attempt at providing a new option: PayPal!

Please note that if you are paying for Private Lessons, a PayPal service charge has been added to each selection to ensure that your instructor can get paid properly for the services they are providing. We hope that you'll understand this additional charge for the convenience of an expedient online payment option.

Private Lessons

Length of Lesson

Rehearsal Space Rental

Rehearsal Session Billing


How to use our Online Payment Services

1) Add a service to your cart. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the Bay 1 Studios manager for help so that you're adding the proper service to your cart.

2) Once this service is added to your cart, you may choose to increase the number of lessons or sessions you are paying for.

a) For private lessons, the Quantity is the number of lessons. For example, if you would like to pay for a month of lessons at once, you would simple adjust the Quantity to cover the number of lessons for that month, usually 4.

b) For rehearsal sessions, you will need to adjust the Quantity to cover the number of hours, not number of sessions, you wish to pay for at one time. A standard session will run from 1 hour to 4 hours or more.

3) Before the sale is complete, it is always a good idea to show the transaction to the Bay 1 Studios manager on duty so that we can be sure that you have everything properly filled out.

4) Once you are confident that your purchase is represented correctly, proceed with checkout.

5) Once the sale is completed, share the receipt page with the Bay 1 Studio manager, and we will properly record the credits on our calendar for you, and you're good to go!